CMAP is creating a localized version of our MetroPulse regional indicators website. MetroPulse Local will be launched in June 2012.

(Inactive) Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning   (Chicago)

February 2012 to June 2012

CMAP's MetroPulse website is focused on regional indicators, not neighborhood ones.  Because of this regional focus, the website has limited value for municipal governments.  So we are now creating MetroPulse Local, which displays data at more granular levels such as Census Tract and Parcel.

Users will be able to select from "standard" data sets such as census demograpics, but also display parcel-level variables such as foreclosures, vacant properties and building permits.  Some data sets will be available only for municipalities that partner with CMAP to provide the data to us.  In return for providing the data (building permits or business licenses), CMAP will make the the data queryable and displayable (as parcel maps, and aggregated as census tract maps).