Birth Outcomes Summit

Children's Optimal Health   (Austin*)

November 2013

Birth Outcomes as Related to the Physical and Social Environment

Every parent wants to give birth to a healthy baby. In too many instances, children are born prematurely, underweight, and with problems that complicate a healthy start in life and create significant cost to children, parents, and society. Factors associated with adverse birth outcomes appear far too often and the impact is greater on certain racial and ethnic groups, as well as those with the least education and access to care.

Children's Optimal Health is hosting a Birth Outcomes Summit to learn what insights a geographical analysis can reveal regarding root causes, intervention targeting, and resource allocation. Speakers and panelists will provide a unique foundation for attendees to develop action ideas and plans to implement preventions and interventions for improving birth outcomes in central Texas.

While the summit is free, they are asking attendees for a donation of $10 to help defray the costs of hosting this event.

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