Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance Partners with NPR on a Series on Inequality in the Baltimore Region

Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance   (Baltimore)

Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance has partnered with their local NPR station, The Lines Between Us, on a series on Inequality in the Baltimore region.

The podcast also includes the report from WYPR's Mary Rose Madden about how foreclosures play out for Baltimore's renters--about half of Baltimore foreclosures affected rental properties. It also includes information about Baltimore children affected by foreclosure, and what the research says about whether minorities were targeted for subprime loans.

BNIA partnered with the station to provide some statistics and maps for the series on foreclosures and children. The article draws from the NNIP cross-site project on children and foreclosures, and Matthew Kachura's report called Children and Foreclosures: Baltimore City; An Examination of Students Affected by Foreclosures, 2003-2008.