ArtServe Michigan: Manistee Creative Placemaking

Data Driven Detroit (D3)   (Detroit)

July 2012

Data Driven Detroit provided professional services to update the original Leveraging Investments in Creativity Michigan dataset for artists and creative workers and has improved ArtServe's ability to use this information across regions to conduct research and analysis and to provide baseline information on the health and strength of our artists and creative practitioners.

The data was designed to capture information about artists by artistic discipline, industry, income, employment status, recent migration patterns, and a large number of socioeconomic characteristics (including age, race, gender, immigrant status, education, and homeowner status), at metro and large city as well as state geographical levels. The resulting information was used to demonstrate the value of Michigan’s artists, creative practitioners and related cultural workers to advocate for public investment in this sector. The primary audience was policymakers, foundation funders, economic development and creative industries professionals, creative placemaking entities, and particularly the Michigan legislature and state administration.