Strategic Planning for Technology

March 2, 2012 -
8:30am to 10:00am
Leah Hendey (moderator), Matt Barry, Todd Clausen, David Percy

This session sheds light on the decision-making process involved in investing in new technology or upgrading technology to insure it will enhance the strategic goals for your organization. Leah Hendey moderates the session and three partners will focus on covering the successes, challenges and issues in strategic planning for technology covering topics such as funding, staffing and staff capacity, and developing the appropriate questions for evaluating opportunities to update technology.

All videos from the meeting are available on a Vimeo album or individually through each session entry.

Part 1 of the video

Part 2 of the video

  1. Matt Barry (The Piton Foundation, Denver).  Matt will discuss how tool and technology development has proceeded for his group at the Piton Foundation, including the use of independent contractors and how to find developers.
  2. Todd Clausen (Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee). Todd will talk about some of the technology issues at a stand-alone non-profit and about the benefit as well as the challenges of having a limited or zero technology budget that is heavily reliant on specialized staff skills.
  3. David Percy (Portland State University). Percy will discuss strategic decision-making within the context of a university-based NNIP Partner.