Indicators of Neighborhood Change: Measuring and Predicting Gentrification

September 26, 2016 - 10:00pm
Jeff Matson, Maia Woluchem, Stephanie Rosoff, Tony Damiano

This panel will examine issues around gentrification and neighborhood change from a variety of perspectives including a new national research project focusing on data collection and engagement across cities, a large strong-market city facing an historic affordable housing crisis, and a smaller mid-market city experiencing a new form of neighborhood revitalization. The Furman Center at NYU is developing indicators to help city officials identify the neighborhoods likely to experience rapid increases in prices and rents.  In Minneapolis a different dynamic is affecting many inner-city neighborhood following and, more recently, preceding massive investments in light rail transit. Finally, the Urban Institute will describe a new initiate in partnership with the Federal Reserve Philanthropy Institute to support this work across a number of cities whose activities include designing a common research plan, facilitating peer learning, communicating local progress, and synthesizing experiences across sites.