Community Indicators Consortium Impact Summit 2016

Washington , DC

September 26, 2016 - September 27, 2016

Well-crafted indicators serve as a GPS to provide guidance for actions taken to improve the health and resilience of a community.  Well-being indicators, which use a holistic approach to measure social progress, seek to capture multiple dimensions of community health, including both objective measures of quality of life like income and savings as well as subjective measures like happiness and perceived belonging.  They can be disaggregated to understand differences and inequities across sub-populations by race, nativity, gender, and other demographics, and are oriented toward influencing public policy and engaging the public.  

This year’s Impact Summit, CIC's 11th International Conference on Indicators, will take a close look at new approaches and policy applications of well-being indicators and engage in dialogue both about what we can learn from international and local efforts and how we are or can be leading the field in measuring progress to move “beyond GDP” toward equitable, sustainable, healthy communities.


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