Engaging the community through data sharing, analysis and action plans: Lessons from researchers and practitioners

April 10, 2015 -
8:05am to 9:30am
Issac Castillo, Sarah Gillespie, Maria-Paula Garcia, Cecilia Guiterrez

Putting data in the hands of the community is a valuable and sustainable way to effect individual and neighborhood level change in any community. Presenters will discuss and demonstrate data sharing and discussion methodologies that benefit community members, researchers, policy makers, and practitioners. Elsa Falkenburger, Research Associate at the Urban Institute (UI), will engage participants in a discussion modeled after a data sharing methodology – a “Data Walk” - that UI developed for several of its projects around health, housing, and services. Select data points are presented in the form of charts and bullet points printed on poster sized paper and discussed in small groups traveling to each data station. Isaac Castillo, Director of Data and Evaluation at the DC Promise Neighborhood Initiative (DCPNI), will demonstrate several techniques used with residents of the Kenilworth-Parkside community (in Washington DC) intended to encourage community data use. This includes methods to help community residents understand and interpret data (infographics), encourage residents to seek out data to inform decisions, and help residents learn how they can use data push for community change.  Maria-Paula Garcia from the Children's Trust and Cecilia Guiterrez from the Miami Children’s Initiative will jointly present on their experiences convening residents, presenting data, and engaging them to effect change in their community around how young children entering school are developing.