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Posted On: November 16, 2020
Post Expires: December 7, 2020
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Monday, December 7, 2020

The Data Center provides independent, relevant, and reliable data and analysis as a catalyst for decisionmaking in Greater New Orleans and Southeast Louisiana. A primary component of The Data Center’s work includes ingesting data from many different platforms to build a nuanced understanding of issues. Our data warehouse presents exciting opportunities to create new Data Center tools and techniques to better understand our region and further democratize data. We are seeking a skilled Data Warehouse Manager who possess an advanced knowledge of current database technologies and has the ability to structure innovative data solutions that serve the community, nonprofits, government and private sector organizations. 

Position Summary: 

The ideal candidate for the Data Warehouse Manager position should be a skilled database developer who has experience in data warehousing, statistical analysis, business intelligence, and has familiarity with concepts of information design. This position is responsible for the full range of database needs, including implementation and maintenance of a cloud-based data warehouse environments, data extraction and ETL tools, reporting and data visualization software, version control and documentation, and can collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to identify and develop processes for complex data structures. The successful candidate will possess expert-level knowledge of database creation and deployment, but, more importantly, will understand how to creatively apply database and data warehousing principles to build innovative solutions supportive of The Data Center’s vision. 

Essential Functions: 

  • Aggregate data from various sources into a cloud-based, multidimensional data warehouse.  
  • Work with staff and external stakeholders (as needed) to determine data requirements, such as input formats, frequency, field types, and descriptions.  
  • Design processes to extract, transform, and load data from various sources, as well as output data to various formats, dependent on requirements. 
  • Design and manage SQL servers and cloud database structures, and processes for queries, views, stored procedures, and functions.  
  • Work with project manager, graphic designer, and web developer to implement web-based data reporting with warehouse as a source. 
  • Utilize standard reporting and data visualization software such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, and Microsoft Excel to design and build tabular reports, dashboards, and/or other data visualizations with warehouse as a source. 
  • Perform database maintenance (indexing/statistics/backups) to ensure proper performance of processes. This includes, but is not limited to, implementing and maintaining indexes and statistics. 
  • Ensure processes to establish business continuity, such as backups, are performed. 
  • Administer appropriate security protocols and user roles and access for all databases managed by The Data Center. 
  • Create and maintain data dictionaries and data warehouse and ETL process documentation using version control tools, such as GIT/GitHub. 



  • 3-5 years of progressive, professional experience in data warehousing and business intelligence development. 
  • Bachelors or graduate degree in Information Systems or Computer Science. 
  • Knowledge of data warehouse architectures such as Kimball and Inmon. 
  • Proficient with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or later versions (2016 preferred). Experience with Microsoft Azure SQL Database preferred.  
  • Proficient with ETL tools such as Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services.  
  • Experience with using a variety of API’s to access data sources. Should also be familiar with various database/flat file input/output formats (i.e. Oracle, XML, JSON, CSV).  
  • Experience working with public sector data sets (e.g. Census Bureau, BLS, CDC) preferred.  
  • Experience with Microsoft Azure Blob Storage preferred. 
  • Experience with .NET scripting (VB or C#) preferred. 


Salary and Benefits: 

This is a full-time, salaried position. The starting annual salary for this position will be commensurate with the candidate’s qualifications and experience. Additional benefits include flexible work hours and options to work from home/telecommute; 100% employer-covered health, dental, vision, and life insurance; a generous retirement and vacation package; a commitment to professional development; a commitment to diversity; and a fun, dynamic, and rewarding work environment that embodies trust, encourages constructive inquiry, and cares about New Orleans and the collective prosperity of the region. If you are selected for this job, you’ll join an objective, thorough, and reliable team of individuals that strives to be welcoming and responsive to the needs of our community and one another. 

To Apply: 

Applicants should email the following to

  1. A cover letter describing your interest in the position, relevant experience, and career goals; 
  2. A current resume, including educational background and relevant skills; 
  3. Name and contact information for three professional references. 


Please use “Data Warehouse Manager” as the subject line for your emailed submission. Deadline to submit application materials is Monday, December 7, 2020. No phone calls please. 


The Data Center is an equal opportunity employer committed to creating a diverse workforce and promoting an environment free of discrimination. We do not and will not discriminate in employment and personnel practices on basis of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, veteran status, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law. 

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