Code of Conduct for NNIP Twitter: @NNIPHQ and #nnip

Last Updated: August 08, 2019

Goal: The National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP) is a collaboration of the Urban Institute and local partners in more than 30 cities who help their communities use neighborhood data in decisionmaking. Urban Institute manages the NNIPHQ Twitter handle. Its goal for use of Twitter is to promote the work and principles of the NNIP network and its partner organizations, particularly to external audiences.

The Twitter content will include:

  • highlighting partner projects and events
  • circulating opportunities, resources, and examples from relevant networks and organizations outside of the network, including non-partner organizations within NNIP cities; and
  • engaging with influencers in the field of community data and information.


Guidelines: The following principles guide NNIPHQ’s use of Twitter. We ask that Partners also follow these guidelines when using #nnip.

  • Tweets will follow other NNIP policies, such as our codes of conduct or non-endorsement policies.
  • Tweets will avoid disparaging or disrespectful remarks.
  • Tweets will not endorse a specific political party or agenda.
  • Retweets do not equal endorsements. This practice is explicitly stated in the NNIPHQ twitter bio.
  • Tweets will always credit work. This may look like tagging Partners, naming Partners, or explicitly naming the city and Partner (#NNIP Chicago Partner) to credit work. For external content, NNIP HQ will include “via” or tag authors or organizations.
  • Comments on tweets will not be responded to unless they are asking for additional resources.
  • Tweets will not be deleted unless they have inaccuracies.


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