Code of Conduct for NNIP Partner and Alumni Discussions

Last Updated: July 07, 2020

NNIP sponsors several invitation-only opportunities for NNIP partners and alumni to ask questions of each other, exchange solutions, and get feedback on ideas. These include Google Group, an un-moderated listserv, and periodic conference calls and webinars.  Occasionally, partners may invite local collaborators or NNIPHQ may invite potential partners. As information is shared both about topical issues like measuring gentrification and about strategic business practices we have outlined a few rules of engagement.

Members of the discussions should:

  • Be respectful of a diversity of opinions and experiences within the network.
  • Refrain from posting highly sensitive or confidential material or opinions. (For example, there are more than 100 people on the partners' Google Group list, so there is still risk of items being shared outside the group.)
  • Cite their peers and provide proper credit for techniques and reports shared during the internal discussions.
  • Not share opinions expressed by fellow members outside of the network without explicit permission.
  • Keep information about strategic businesses practices confidential unless you have explicit permission from the relevant NNIP partner. Strategic business practices includes conversations related to: fundraising, fee and cost structures, strategic planning and rebranding, institutional form, advisory boards and boards of governance, communications planning and strategy and organizational performance management.


Several NNIP Alumni are independent consultants who offer services that could be useful to current partners. As coordinator of NNIP, Urban Institute does not endorse any particular consultant, product, or set of services, but aims to facilitate information sharing within the network. 

  • For services related to the work of local data intermediaries, NNIP alumni can advertise to the NNIP Partners/Alumni Google Group once per year, as well as describe their services in their bio posted on the NNIP website.
  • We encourage alumni to share references for their work, including from former partner organizations. 
  • Out of courtesy, we ask that alumni not otherwise solicit individual partners repeatedly.

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