Valassis Lists Data as an Indicator of Population Recovery in the New Orleans Area

Report by Elaine Ortiz, Allison Plyer
June 2011

The Data Center   (New Orleans)

In this rapidly changing post‐Katrina environment, standard estimates of population are insufficient. For example, the Census produces only one annual estimate of the population of Orleans Parish, which is available at the parish‐level nine months after the date it represents. 

The source for our block level data is the Valassis Residential and Business Database, which we purchased from Valassis Direct Mail Inc (formerly ADVO, Inc.).  Valassis utilizes the U.S. Postal Service CDS subscription process to cleanse their database of mailing addresses, thus mimicking USPS delivery quality.1 Valassis uses a proprietary process to review the millions of address changes they receive every week through the CDS program, and works cooperatively with the USPS to improve address quality for the entire mailing industry. The Valassis mailing list is the most complete national resident and business list available in the marketplace, and can be purchased at