Time-Limited Welfare and the Employment Prospects of AFDC Recipients in Cuyahoga County: A Baseline Technical Report

Report by Claudia J. Coulton, Nandita Verma, Shenyang Guo

Center on Poverty and Community Development   (Cleveland)

This is a baseline analysis of participants in the AFDC program conducted by the Center on Urban Poverty and Social Change, in collaboration with the Cuyahoga County
Departments of Entitlement and Employment Services. The research was intended to aid County government and the local community to anticipate some of the possible effects of the new policies and to adapt their programs to these changes. The study addressed the following questions:
•  Who is likely to be at risk of reaching Ohio 36 months in five year time limit?
•  What is the potential effect of a time limit on neighborhood economies?
•  What is the employment potential of long-term welfare recipients?
•  Can the regional economy absorb individuals who might reach their time-limits?
•  What are the current patterns of County residents entering and leaving welfare and what are the
implications for responding to welfare reform?