The State of Children in Bexar County

Presentation by Community Information Now (CI:Now)
October 17, 2016

Community Information Now (CI:Now)   (San Antonio)

CI:Now presented an abbreviated version of The State of Children in Bexar County (8 MB file) at the kickoff meeting of the United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County-convened Community Agenda for Children. This meeting was the first of three to shape a community-wide agenda that promotes the well-being of children and to commit to a roadmap for implementing and actions that will realize that vision. The full version linked above focuses on children birth to eight years old and covers demographics, conditions our children are living in, how they're faring, and what we know about the long-term consequences of Adverse Childhood Experiences. The presentation includes several animated time series maps, so noted on the relevant slides, so be sure to give those a few moments to play.

Event Name: 
Kickoff meeting of the Community Agenda for Children