State of the African American Community in San Antonio and Bexar County

Report by Community Information Now
January 26, 2022

Community Information Now (CI:Now)   (San Antonio)

CI:Now was commissioned by the San Antonio Area Foundation and San Antonio Area African American Community Fund to develop a picture of community conditions among local Black and African Americans. Developed through a year-long collaborative process, the State of the African American Community in San Antonio and Bexar County charts data for about 110 indicators related to population, housing, education, employment and financial stability, business, criminal justice, health, and social connection. All indicators are shown by race/ethnicity group, and in many cases by other key characteristics as well.

Two important sections follow the data narrative. Community Voices offers issue-focused commentaries that paint a richer picture of community conditions by providing local context and highlighting issues in and not in the data. Developed by public interest justice center Texas Appleseed, the Policy Recommendations section suggests changes to law, policy, and practice in the areas of criminal justice, education, business growth, and financial well-being.

The full report is available on the San Antonio Area Foundation website at The infographic is available here.