The Rhode Island Community Profiles: A Replicable Platform for Community Data

Presentation by Jim Lucht
March 21, 2013

(Inactive) The Providence Plan   (Providence)

In this presentation, Jim Lucht from Providence Plan presents the new Rhode Island Community Profiles, which are built using open-source and open API components: Django,PostGIS, and Leaflet.  The profiles accommodate Census as well as local data, and drill down to the Census tract level Statewide.  Learn about how the Profiles are about to be adapted by other NNIP partner sites.

Key Features
•   Map your neighborhood or town and compare it to surrounding areas
•   Explore data with Interactive Maps and Graphs
•   View change over various time periods
•   Export data
•   Configure Census indicators entirely within the admin back-end
•   Publish local administrative data using CSV files