Reflections on the May, 2017 National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership Meeting in Baltimore

Blog post by Bob Gradeck
May 25, 2017

University Center for Social and Urban Research   (Pittsburgh)

Last week, three members of our team (Liz Monk, Steve Saylor, and Bob Gradeck) travelled to Baltimore, Maryland for the Spring, 2017 partner meeting of the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP). NNIP is a network of practice for community data intermediaries managed by the Urban Institute. NNIP partners in over 30 cities collect and transform neighborhood data, promote the use of data, and use information to improve the lives of people in marginalized communities. As always, the team at the Urban Institute seamlessly organized the meeting, and our hosts in Baltimore at the Baltimore neighborhood Indicators Alliance did a first-rate job in welcoming us to their city. We wrote a blog post to capture our experience at the meeting.