Original Aurora Household Characteristics

Report by Jordan Wirfs-Brock

Shift Research Lab   (Denver*)

This graphic displays households information - homes with children, single parent homes, renter-occupied homes - by Census tract for the Original Aurora neighborhood located just east of Denver, Colorado.

Key findings:

  • Original Aurora has a youth population of 24,577 and 11,953 households with children. Both Original Aurora and Aurora as a whole have a higher concentration of kids than the Denver metro area and the state of Colorado.
  • More than 5,000 households in Original Aurora are headed by single parents. Original Aurora’s rate of single-parent households is nearly 50% greater than Colorado’s. Areas in southeast Original Aurora have the highest percentages of singleparent households at nearly 57 percent.
  • At 58%, Original Aurora has a higher rate of renter-occupancy thanthe Denver metro area average. Some of the areas in Original Aurora with the highest percent of renter-occupied homes are also the same areas that have the highest percent of single-parent families.


Produced as a data request for the Fields Foundation, this graphic uses data from the U.S. Census Bureau's 2010 Census.