Neighborhood Early Warning System (NEWS)

Report by Tanisha Anderson, Nellie Becker, Julie Darnton, Yong-Jun Shin

The Data Center   (New Orleans)
Center for Urban and Regional Affairs   (Minneapolis-St. Paul)
(Inactive) The Providence Plan   (Providence)
Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance   (Baltimore)

The Michigan Land Use Leadership Council (MLULC) Report outlines the need for a Neighborhood Early Warning System as a means of controlling urban blight. The neighborhood early warning system is mentioned as part of the Recommendations section of Chapter 4 of the report (“Principles and Recommendations for Urban Revitalization”), recommendation #3 under the heading of “Public/Private Support for Livable Communities”
Michigan Land Use Leadership Council Report does not answer two very important questions: What is meant by blight? And what is a Neighborhood Early Warning System?