The Harvest of Ministry - Women Religious in Cleveland

Report by Rob Fischer, Ph.D., Sr. Mary Ann Murphy, OSU
June 2012

Center on Poverty and Community Development   (Cleveland)

'...when I see people that are living on the edge of survival and living that way with dignity, it just constantly makes you aware that the faith is alive and well and thriving.' - a SisterEarlier this summer, the Center on Urban Poverty and Community Development released its third Briefly Stated report of 2012, The Harvest of Ministry: Exploring the Ministry of Women Religious in Cleveland by Poverty Center Co-Director Rob Fischer, Ph.D., and Sr. Mary Ann Murphy, OSU, of Ursuline Sisters of Cleveland. This report discusses the recent studies between the Poverty Center, the Sisters of Charity Foundation of Cleveland, and other religious organizations to describe the unique approach of women religious and to inform others who now or in the future strive to help people in poverty or with other vulnerabilities.

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Catholic Sisters serve in a range of ministries, and seek to extend the impact of their work to more people in need. To the outsider, the nature of Sisters' ministries has often been reduced to its external character: providing education, health care, or social services. This report seeks to better understand what work they do, and their motivations.

What has been less understood is the enduring nature of the force underlying these ministries. The underlying themes that surfaced during conversations with 33 Catholic Sisters can be adapted by other agencies and individuals who seek to work with people in need.