Do you know how your Open Data is being used?

Blog post by David Walker
September 19, 2017

University Center for Social and Urban Research   (Pittsburgh)

Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center is a shared open data project established in 2015 to make public information more accessible and useful in the Pittsburgh region. It was created in 2015, and is managed by the University of Pittsburgh Center for Urban and Social Research, in partnership with Allegheny County and the City of Pittsburgh. The Regional Data Center manages a community open data portal, and serves as a community information intermediary by offering a number of services, products, and programs to help people find and use data.

During the planning phase, project organizers also developed a performance management framework for the Regional Data Center. This framework was designed to track the degree to which people were finding, interacting with, and taking action as a result of using data. We use this information to learn more about our users, uncover new opportunities for programs and initiatives, and adjust course as necessary. Our intent has always been to openly share our performance statistics with our data user community, project partners, funders, publishers, and advisors.