Creative Approaches to Using Early Development Instrument As a Community Mobilization Tool in Miami-Dade County

Presentation by Zafreen Jaffery, Samuel McKinnon, Christine Selby
November 16, 2017

The Children's Trust   (Miami)

This presentation was given at the Community Indicators Consortium's Community Impact Summit 2017.

The purpose of this interactive round-table is to educate participants on the content and intent of the Early Childhood Development Instrument (EDI), share the Children's Trust experience of collecting EDI data and concept of utilizing it as an engagement tool, and solicit discussion and feedback regarding various EDI data templates and use of EDI data as an engagement tool. The Children's Trust is an anchor institution in Miami-Dade County on issues of child and family well-being tasked with maintaining insight into the well-being of children and families through new and existing data. The intent is to generate a discussion about root causes, implications, and possible solutions amongst the groups.