Civic Switchboard: Connecting Libraries and Community Information Networks Guide

Report by Civic Switchboard project team
June 10, 2022

University Center for Social and Urban Research   (Pittsburgh)

We believe that strong partnerships between libraries and other local civic data intermediaries better serve data users, further democratize data, and support equitable access to information. The Civic Switchboard guide aims to support libraries and civic data intermediaries to establish and grow these partnerships.

The guide contains the following sections.

  • Introduction
  • Context and Concepts
  • Engaging Partners
  • Understanding Community Data Needs 30
  • Library Roles
  • Maintaining Momentum
  • Case Studies

The case studies include collaborations with three NNIP partners: Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Library in Charlotte, NC; Fondren Library at Rice University in Houston, TX; and Robert L. Bogomolny Library at the University of Baltimore, MD.

In addtion, there is a condensed version of the guide to make the case for libraries involvement in their civic data ecosystems.