The Brooklyn Park Housing Project

Report by Dr. Brittany Lewis
January 18, 2022

Center for Urban and Regional Affairs   (Minneapolis-St. Paul)

The Brooklyn Park Housing Project aims to better understand housing instability and quality of life in a select number of Brooklyn Park apartment communities for the purpose of producing tangible policy and practice recommendations that produce equitable outcomes.

This project centers around three objectives:

  1. Increasing renters’ and management teams’ knowledge of their rights and responsibilities
  2. Unpacking concerns surrounding safety and security
  3. Engaging in community building (tenant-management relations and tenant-tenant relations)

By centering around these objectives, we seek to humanize the living and working experiences of renters and property management team members while addressing social conditions, relationships/interactions, housing issues, and the role of educational opportunities (i.e., understanding one’s rights and responsibilities in housing), all of which shape life within the city’s large apartment communities.