311 Data User Guide - City of Pittsburgh

Training materials by Bob Gradeck
March 11, 2016

University Center for Social and Urban Research   (Pittsburgh)

This User Guide for City of Pittsburgh 311 data provides consumers of the data with background information on why the data is collected, the business processes, software, and applicable standards involved with the data, suggested applications for the data (and how to use it), and other important details. It’s our hope that User Guides will improve the quality and outcomes of 311 data applications.


Much like the 911 phone number is universal in the U.S. to report an emergency, the 311 system is a phone number people can use for non-emergency service requests. Baltimore, MD was the first U.S. City to implement a 311 system beginning in 1996. The process in-use in Pittsburgh is used to not only record requests for service, the 311 system is used internally by the City to manage work orders generated by requests, and provide feedback to the person requesting service. The 311 system can also be used to measure the City’s performance in customer response.