2016 Bexar County Community Health Needs Assessment

Report by The Health Collaborative and Community Information Now
August 2016

Community Information Now (CI:Now)   (San Antonio)

The Health Collaborative has released the 2016 Bexar County Community Health Needs Assessment. Community Information Now (CI:Now) was the data partner to The Health Collaborative, compiling and analyzing the quantitative data and developing the narrative report and findings.
This report is the result of a formal community assessment that reflects over 24 months of collaborative work with agency partners and community stakeholders to establish a shared vision, select relevant indicators, and prepare a document that addresses the important drivers of health in our community. 
In keeping with the national movement in public health to focus more sharply on the root causes of health outcomes, the report devotes significant space to describing social, economic, and environmental conditions. The framework used to organize the report, developed by the Bay Area Regional Health Inequities Initiative, moves from population characteristics to living conditions, to health behaviors and risk factors, and finally to prevalence of specic diseases and causes of death.
We hope this framework helps readers consider connections among people, places, circumstances and health outcomes. Ultimately, a health needs assessment helps answer the question “What matters for health?” And it points to potential responses to a second question, “What can be done about it?”
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The Health Collaborative. (2016). 2016 Bexar County Community Health Needs Assessment Report. San Antonio, TX: The Health Collaborative.