Evolving Community Engagement Panel Discussion

December 2, 2022 - 12:00pm

Marisa Denker
Mike Flynn, AICP
Theresa Carr, AICP
Samantha Donovan, AICP

Technology has profoundly impacted cities: they are more dynamic and active than ever before. Can we use these new technology and data to rise to the challenge of an urban planet? This fall, CURA will invite, planners, storytellers, and urban scholars to share how they see technologies changing cities, and they use these technologies to guide cities to better outcomes. We will be focusing on how people move, plan, and engage in the new urban technology age.

In 2021, five senior members of three major planning firms (Connect the Dots Insights, Sam Schwartz, and Nelson/Nygaard) co-authored a manifesto published in Planetizen.com: It's Time for Public Participation to Evolve With Transportation Planning. We will discuss with the authors the gauntlet they have thrown down, and their ideas for paths forward.

Moderated by Harvey Miller 

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