African American Male Achievement in OUSD: An Overview

Junious Wiliams
Steve Spiker
Tony Smith, OUSD Superintendent
Chris Chatmon, ED for African American Male Achievement at OUSD

On May 30th at 10am Pacific, Urban Strategies Council and the Oakland Unified School District will be hosting the first of four webinars focusing on this insightful new research on the inequities faced by African American Males and the efforts underway to eliminate these disparities in education outcomes. This first webinar will walk you through the District’s initiative, why it was formed and what work has begun to address systemic, policy and practice based inequities for African American Male students. We will provide an overview of the three major reports released focusing on suspension, absenteeism and graduation as well as the goals established for this initiative to ensure the work is data driven and the impact can be objectively measured.


Please read or download the reports ahead of the webinar at


We look forward to having you join this conversation!