The NNIP News Google Group allows partners and affiliates of the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership (NNIP) to exchange information and ideas on the development of neighborhood-level indicators and how they can be used to bring about community change.  Visit the Google group to join the list.

The NNIP Policy Guide describes the NNIPNews group guidelines.  Subscribers can ask questions, carry on discussions, and post materials from other sources they think would be of interest to the group. The list is public and not moderated, but Urban staff reserve the right to delete messages that are markedly off-subject or inappropriate (advertisements, solicitations, partisan political tracts, etc.)  Subscribers are responsible for obtaining permission ahead of time before they post anything that is not clearly in the public domain. 

Appropriate topics include:

  • Developing and using indicators
  • Data sources
  • Using information for community change
  • Presenting and using data effectively
  • Helping community organizations understand and use data
  • Public policy issues related to community development