Who’s in Your Neighborhood? Using American FactFinder

Introduces participants to American FactFinder as a tool to find local data relevant to their work

by Data You Can Use Inc.

Target Skill Level: Beginner
Audience: Nonprofit staff, government staff, funders

This training teaches participants in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, how to find locally relevant data from a larger national data source (e.g., American Community Survey). It also discusses advantages, limitations, and potential uses in their neighborhoods. This two-hour workshop has hands-on exercises designed to allow participants to explore the websites, discover data in real time, and learn about how the information is helpful to them in their work.

Through this course, participants

  • learn the capabilities of American FactFinder;
  • better understand how to navigate the platform to find the data they need; and
  • learn about potential applications of the data in a local context.


Creative Commons License

Course Categories: National Data Source