Performing a Community-Based Assessment

Offers a well-documented curriculum for using qualitative and quantitative data to conduct a community needs assessment

by UCLA Center for Health Policy Research

Target Skill Level: Multiple Levels
Audience: nonprofit staff, resident leaders

In this workshop, participants learn how to organize, plan, and implement a health assessment of their communities. Participants learn how to plan an assessment, how to identify and map community assets, and how to collect and analyze data for their assessment. They also learn how to identify and engage community collaboration in the assessment process. At the conclusion of the workshop, participants establish long-term goals to understand and promote the health of their community.

A Community Assessment, also called a “Community Needs Assessment,” is a process of collecting, analyzing and reporting information about the needs in a community as well as its stengths and assets. The purpose is to identify unmet community needs and plan ways to meet them.

A community assessment should be driven by community leaders and organizations, and actively involve community residents. An assessment can raise awareness about unmet community needs, can identify and prioritize areas for change, and can help your community to act on its own behalf. An assessment also builds skills around research, leadership, collaboration, and community involvement.


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Course Categories: Work-related Task