Introduction to Statistical Analysis

Provides materials and a course outline from statistical analysis at an introductory level

by Datapolitan

Target Skill Level: Beginner
Audience: Nonprofit staff and leaders, government staff

This course introduces participants to the use of statistics for understanding and communicating city data. Using Excel, participants will learn how to use measures like mean, median, mode, standard deviation, and variance interval to understand the content of city data for making operational decisions. Participants will also learn how to display statistical information in meaningful ways.

Datapolitan Datapolitan provides a range of services to clients in three key areas, technical training, project work, and strategy consulting. In each of these three areas, Datapolitan is a leader in developing new techniques to engage the workforce of today and tomorrow with innovative approaches. We're one of the few organizations teaching critical thinking and data literacy with open data to civil servants, helping build a workforce able to comprehend and use the vast streams of data already starting to flow into government agencies. With our project work, we're introducing open-source technologies to government, helping agencies conserve valuable financial resources and leverage broad communities of committed developers. In our strategy consulting, we're helping agencies develop the critical understanding of how data can be leverage to meet their operational needs, developing awareness of critical issues, and facilitating a broad understanding of the value data holds for leading organizations to success. They have in-person courses in open data, data analysis, and information visualization. More information on Datapolitan can be found at their website, here. Additional courses can also be accessed here.



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Course Categories: General Data Literacy, Quantitative Analysis