Introduction to Data Analysis with R

Offers advanced training using an open-source software package available for free and applicable anywhere

by US Department of Commerce

Target Skill Level: Advanced
Audience: Government staff

This training teaches participants to use R to visualize data, understand data concepts, manipulate data, and calculate statistics. Participants walk away with the foundations to better understand the role of data analysis and how to conduct basic analysis using R.

The training used the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s broadband
data from June 2014 for Washington, DC, to help government staff better understand data analysis with R. The training included the following topics in a three-hour session:

  • What are data science and data analysis? How do they interact?
  • R markdown (a syntax for creating HTML, PDF, and Word documents)
  • Data visualizations
  • Clean data
  • Aggregate and summarize data
  • Statistical tests


This course is one of many on software and data science from the US Department of Commerce Data AcademyThrough the Commerce Data Usability Project, the department also offers a series of guided tours through the Commerce data portal on how to leverage its free and open data on various topics (e.g., economy or environment) using various tools (e.g., Tableau and Python) 

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Course Categories: Software