How to Use Census and Other Data Sites

Trains participants to use American FactFinder to access publicly available datasets for local needs and introduces additional related tools, such as OnTheMap and the QWI Explorer

by Neighborhood Nexus

Target Skill Level: Beginner
Audience: Nonprofit staff, government staff, grant writers, real estate professionals

This 90-minute training helps planning partners use data on specific issue areas and understand broader data concepts. It shows attendees where they can get the data they need online and how best to optimize those sites. This training introduced participants to the American FactFinder and publicly available datasets, such as the Decennial Census and American Community Survey, that share local data at the census tract level. The training demonstrates the differences between the surveys and appropriate uses for each, depending on context. Participants were also introduced to Census tools such as OnTheMapQWI Explorer, and the local Neighborhood Nexus website, which allow them to quickly visualize trends and patterns without heavy data processing. Neighborhood Nexus staff offered this training to participants quarterly.

Creative Commons License

Course Categories: General Data Literacy, Local Data Website, National Data Source