Data Playbook (beta)

A great source of tested materials on a variety of aspects of basic data literacy

by International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

Target Skill Level: Beginner
Audience: Nonprofit organizations

The Data Playbook Beta project is a prototype of social learning designed on modularized pick-and-choose model for 30 minute to 1 hour conversations or lunch and learns. Playbooks are designed to be guided by the users and leaders to decide what 'activity' or 'action' best suits the given need. This is very much in line with our goal to localize humanitarian response while supporting data literacy. The aim is to be 'introduction' to data and complementary tool to existing content. It will not rewrite data science or data protection manuals. The Data Playbook beta is less of an instruction manual or guide and more of a collection of short, interactive and social content. 

There are 9 modules, with exercises, slide decks, handouts, etc.

  • Module 1 Data Essentials: What are the essentials for using data?
  • Module 2 Data Culture:  How do we build a data-friendly culture?
  • Module 3 Data-Driven Projects:  How do we build data -driven projects?
  • Module 4 Responsible Data: How can we protect and use data responsibly?
  • Module 5 Data Viz: How can we create effective data visualizations?
  • Module 6 IM at IFRC: What is the Information Management's role at IFRC?
  • Module 7 Data Sharing:  Why should we share and collaborate on data?
  • Module 8 Data Quality & Standards:  Why do data standards matter and how might we address data quality issues?
  • Module 9 Data for Leadership:  How can we use data for decision-making?
Course Categories: General Data Literacy