Visualizing Neighborhoods: A Hackathon for Good

Center for Urban and Regional Affairs   (Minneapolis-St. Paul)

May 2013

Visualizing Neighborhoods is a day-long event to bring together neighborhood leaders, technologists, data visualizers, designers, artists, scientists, civil servants, and anyone else interested in exploring how data can be used for research, analysis, mapping, outreach, engagement, and communication in our neighborhoods. The goals are to start conversations, build community, experiment, and prototype projects for neighborhoods.

The Visualizing Neighborhoods hackathon happened on Saturday, May 25, 2013 at the Minneapolis Central Library. A great group of technologists, neighborhood leaders, designers, analysts, program/project designers and others came for the day and worked on projects ranging from visualizing bus routes in relationship to population density, to imagining a visualization that shows job growth on the Central Corridor... from communication tools to link teachers and parents, to mapping crime in relationship to a variety of environmental factors... from looking at voting patterns between presidential election years, to an activity and route-focused map for connecting youth and adults to urban green space "destinations".