Health Inequity Data Stories

The Data Center   (New Orleans)

October 2019 - August 2020

The Data Center is 1 of 10 organizations awarded grants to spur local conversations around on the recently released national data set on geographic distributions of health disparities and life expectancy, the United States Small-Area Life Expectancy Project (USALEEP).

As a part of the Visualizing and Powering Health Lives funding opportunity, The Data Center plans to create a series of “data stories” that explore how the history of racism, economic segregation, and uneven neighborhood development has shaped life expectancy at the neighborhood level. These data stories will illustrate how place shapes efforts to understand and address health and economic inequality. The Data Center will work with local stakeholders to amplify the project’s findings and advocate for high-impact community investment and advance local efforts to reduce place- and race-based inequity in the region.

Keep up-to-date on this project through the Visualizing and Powering Health Lives project page for Community Information Now's work.