Data Analysis for the Behavioral Health Network Regional Housing Collaborative

Rise   (St. Louis)

June 2011 - May 2012

The Behavioral Health Network of Greater St. Louis (BHN) Board of Directors identified the expansion of safe, affordable housing and supportive service options for persons with behavioral health needs as one of its top strategic priorities for 2011-2012.  An initial planning workgroup was established by the Board to guide the development of a Needs Assessment and Inventory of Resources to identify and quantify the critical housing needs of persons who are impacted by mental illness and substance abuse in the Eastern Region of Missouri, along with the housing and supportive service resources that are required to meet these needs.  Based upon this assessment, several critical gaps/issues were identified and the next steps identified included the development of a regional action plan.

Rise is a member of the Regional Housing Collaborative Workgroup and provided feedback on the initial Needs Assessment produced by BHN.  Currently, Rise is assisting in additional data analysis on housing needs and resources to complement the Needs Assessment and help inform the activities of the Workgroup.

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