CI:Now awarded grant for Alamo Regional Data Alliance 2018 "backbone" staffing

Community Information Now (CI:Now)   (San Antonio)

January 2018

The John L. Santikos Foundation, a fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation, has awarded $100,000 to CI:Now to provide "backbone" staffing support to the Alamo Regional Data Alliance (ARDA) throughout 2018. ARDA is a vibrant network of data professionals, leaders, and change-makers who share the common belief that individuals and organizations throughout the community should be informed by timely quality data when making decisions that impact their lives or the lives of those they serve. ARDA's vision is to improve the lives of people in our region by establishing and maintaining a culture of data-driven action. A shared Community Strategy includes improving access to data, responsibly sharing data, increasing local capacity to use data through training and coaching, and making help with data analysis more available.