The Center for Community Building and Neighborhood Action and the Center for Community Criminology and Research Prepare for “Safeways” Phase II Expansion

(Inactive) Center for Community Building and Neighborhood Action   (Memphis)

April 2012

Originally funded by a grant from the US Department of Justice and designed by CBANA/C3R (working with the Southeast Memphis CDC and Ledic Asset Management) , “Safeways” is a data-driven supportive collaboration among owner/managers, residents, law enforcement, and non-profits to improve safety and quality of life in multifamily housing communities.  Owners/managers access training and technical assistance in place management and resident services, and may apply for  Safeways Certification. Safeways Certification means sharing data with the Safeways intervention team and signing on to a set of best practice community safety and resident services interventions.   Program features include:

  • A comprehensive community safety and demographic assessment for the apartment community (supported by CBANA and C3R) .
  • Collaboration with law enforcement on a customized set of interventions to reduce crime and promote community safety.
  • Participating in a geographically specific peer network within which owners and managers communicate and engage in problem-solving and policy innovation for multi-family properties --- and surrounding neighborhoods – with residents, non-profits, and public sector stakeholders.

Three owner/management groups are founding partners for Phase II, which includes resident support services under DOJ’s Defending Childhood Against Violence and HHS’s Teen Pregnancy and Parenting Success, with CBANA continuing to provide research support for effective implementation of these strategies within the Safeways framework.

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