CBANA is translating national “Fragile Families” Data to analyze risk levels for Memphis and Shelby County

(Inactive) Center for Community Building and Neighborhood Action   (Memphis)


CBANA is translating national “Fragile Families” Data (Sara McClanahan et. al) to local analysis, creating estimates for the size of the population at various levels of risk for Memphis and Shelby County.

With “segments” identified, more detailed understanding of risks and assets for families at various levels of risk will be made possible by applying the segmentation model to 1000 mothers/primary caregivers and their children 1-3 (and other family members) that participate in the University of Tennessee Health Science Center CANDLE study (Conditions Affecting Neurocognitive Development and Learning in Early Childhood). The CANDLE study includes a range of standardized data collection instruments and protocols for a range of variables from nutrition to environmental to social and psychological issues. 


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