NNIP Camp Session 1 (October 2018)

October 17, 2018 -
3:45pm to 4:45pm

"NNIPCamp" is a  series of concurrent “un-conference” sessions co-created by the meeting participants on site.  The purpose is to allow open space during the meeting to share and learn about topics of interest to participants in an informal setting.


Emerald Room

Title: Homeless counts | Leader: Devin Keithley

Discuss data issues with various measures of homelessness such as the point in time count, the number of beds, temporary/permanent housing, and their HMIS data on clients accessing services from continuums of care as well as public school data on housing insecurity

Emerald Room

Title: How to Leverage NNIP in your own Brand | Leader: Kathy/Leah

Have you used NNIP as a credential in your grantwriting?  To other local stakeholders?  Are there ways that NNIPHQ can support you in doing this?

Corinthian Room

Title: How to price services as part of a business sustainability model | Leader: Susan Millea

How do other nnip partners determine priding for services when a team is involved? We have don time studies and looked at different work flows/functions pertinent to projects interested in a fee for service model

Athenian Room

Title: Scooters | Leader: Rob Pitingolo

Who has scooters or dockless bikes. How did you get it, how do you get it?

Walking Tour:

Title: Walking tour with discussion of neighborhood walkability measures | Leader: Mark Abraham

Walk toward USC and discuss how walkabitliy is measured at the local level, using local examples to experience issues like tree cover, heat, noise, pedestrian suitability, traffic conditions, bike infrastructure