Knowledge 4 Equity: Using Data to Address Health Disparities

Silver Spring , MD

November 13, 2012 - November 14, 2012

The conference will help community-based organizations to better use data and other sources of knowledge to promote health equity and address health disparities. The conference will support community based efforts to access, analyze, and use existing national, state, or local data.

Workshop and Session Topics.

  • Measuring and reporting disparities in social determinants of health;
  • Using data for strategy development and improvement;
  • Forming data collaboratives and partnerships;
  • Using data for public education;
  • Federal resources for data;
  • Town hall meeting: How the federal government can do more to improve access and use of data by community based efforts;
  • How to find out what works; and
  • Opportunities to learn from community groups from around the country.

Audience. The Conference is primarily for members of community-based efforts (coalitions, grassroots organizations, etc.) and nonprofit organizations that use data to advance their health equity or health disparities work. The conference is open to anyone who is using data to address health disparities and is willing to learn and share their experience with others.