Data Alone Doesn't Change Anything

September 29, 2016 -
9:00am to 10:30am
Bob Gradeck, Liz Monk, April Urban, Seema Iyer

This session included three presentations from NNIP partners about how to provide context for data.

With the increasing availability of open data sources and software, there is a growing need to ensure that this data is being used effectively. This panel takes a look at community initiatives in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Baltimore that are making productive use of data. Participants will learn how Baltimore’s annual Vital Signs report tracks community indicators that are then used for neighborhoods to set clear goals to reduce blight, how a neighborhood-wide parcel survey in Pittsburgh’s Homewood neighborhood has informed efforts to reduce blight through a targeted 311 blitz, and how a consortium in Cleveland is examining existing code enforcement data for improved and shared technology tools. Panelists will help audience members think through possible applications of these data efforts to their local communities.