Applications of ACS Data for Employment and Commuting

May 29, 2014 -
1:30pm to 3:00pm
Ryan J. Dann, Ana J. Montalvo, Elaine Murakami, Ed Christopher, Charles Baber, Kenneth McLeod, Darren Flusche

Applications of ACS Data for Employment and Commuting 
Moderator: Joy E. Phillips, State Data Center, Washington, D.C. Office of Planning 

1. The EEO Tabulation: Measuring Diversity in the Workplace ▪ Ana J. Montalvo, U.S. Census Bureau 
2. ACS Labor Participation as a Barometer for Retirement ▪ Nicole Dunn, Thomas P. Miller and Associates 
3. Workplace Geocoding Issues with ACS ▪ Elaine Murakami and Ed Christopher, Federal Highway Administration; and Charles Baber, Baltimore Metropolitan Council 
4. Using ACS Data in Promoting and Advocating for Bicycling ▪ Kenneth McLeod and Darren Flusche, The League of American Bicyclists 
5. Factors Associated with the Bicycle Commute Use of Newcomers: An Analysis of the 70 Largest U.S. Cities ▪ Ryan J. Dann, Portland State University