NNIP Alumni Network

Over the history of NNIP, we have experienced a modest turnover of key individuals from partner organizations that represented significant losses to the network. Many leaders in our field either retire or transition to positions at other organizations. The NNIP Alumni Network enables interested individuals to retain their affiliation with the partnership beyond their tenure at an NNIP partner organization.

Through the Alumni Network, we minimize the loss of knowledge, experience and innovative thinking when individuals leave the NNIP partner organizations. It also serves to broaden the perspectives and insights possible within NNIP by drawing on varied institutional perspectives and approaches as established NNIP participants move on to other workplaces.  The network has established criteria and procedures for nominating and admitting alumni.

Current NNIP Alumni

First Name Last Namesort ascending Current Organization
Mingming Zhang Harris County
Jie Wu Harris County
Erik Woodworth Assemblage Consulting
Maia Woluchem Surveillance Resistance Lab
Jordan Wirfs-Brock University of Colorado Boulder
Ashley Williams Clark Detroit Future City
Junious Williams Junious Williams Consulting
Josh Wheeling Climate Policy Initiative
Max Weselcouch Spotify
Jacob Wascalus
April Urban Signal Cleveland
Eleanor Tutt Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Aaron Truchil Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers
Sonia Torres Rodriguez
Tim Stallmann Desmos Studios, PBC
Holly St. Clair Sasaki- Analytics and Data
Steve Spiker One Degree
Laura Simmons Walton Family Foundation
Aaron Schill National Digital Inclusion Alliance
Gustavo Rotondaro Metrica, LLC
Randy Rosso Gore
Denice Ross Office of the White House
Michael Rich Emory University
Katie Pritchard Independent Consultant
Lisa Pittman Independent Consultant
Kim Pierson Un affiliated
Jodi Petersen Petersen Research Consultants, LLC
Adriana Paz
Elaine Ortiz Kaleidoscope Pathways
Jennifer Newcomer Colorado Futures
Lisa Nelson Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Randy Morris Colorado State University
Kurt Metzger Kurt R. Metzger & Associates
Sheila Martin Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities
TJ Maciak Auburn Dog LLC
Jim Lucht Independent Business Intelligence and Database Architecture Consultant
Rebecca Lee District of Columbia Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education
Alyssa Kogan Unaffiliated
Steve King Oakland Community Land Trust
Devin Keithley Ohio Housing Finance Agency
Seema Iyer USA for UNHCR
Michael Hodge Nashville Organized for Action and Hope
Brian Hiatt Gary Community Ventures
Amy Hawn Nelson Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy
Kat Hartman City of Detroit
Elizabeth Guernsey Open Society Foundations
John Garvey First 5 Alameda County
Anthony Galvan Child Poverty Action Lab
James Farnam Farnam Associates
Justin Entzminger Bloomberg Center for Public Innovation
Jake Cowan Independent Consultant
Jenn Comey District of Columbia Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education
Mychal Cohen Independent Consultant
Todd Clausen Rescue Dog Technology
Sandy Ciske Retired
Sean Capperis New York City, Department of Housing Preservation and Development
Amos Budde dbt Labs
Charles Bruner Child and Family Policy Center
Rachel Borashko University of Tennessee Knoxville
Joy Bonaguro State of California
Matt Beyers Alameda County Public Health Department
Phyllis Betts Strategic City Solutions
Layla Bellows Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.
Matt Barry Learn Capital
Michael Barndt Retired
Neil Bania Washington State Institute for Public Policy
Joe Baldwin Independent Consultant
Jordan Ayala Bard College
Olivia Arena University of California-Los Angeles