UI Staff Guide for Updating the NNIP Website Private

Last Updated: January 30, 2018

This is the online guide for UI staff, which is meant to be used in conjunction with the Partners' Guide to Updating the NNIP Website. It only includes information not covered in the Partner Guide.

Basic Information:

  • Known Quirks
  • The Black Admin Bar


Users and Permissions:

  • Types of Users/Permissions
  • How to Change a User's Role/Permission
  • How to Block (Not Delete) a User


Home Page:

  • How to Edit the Slideshow
  • How to Edit Content in the Bottom Three Boxes
  • Activities on the Home Page
  • Publications on the Home Page


Static Pages:

  • About NNIP Static Pages
  • Landing Pages



  • How to Add/Edit a Partner City
  • How to Add/Edit an Issue Area
  • How to Add/Edit a Data Source



  • How to Add/Edit a FAQ
  • How to Add a Partner Organization
  • How to Add/Edit a Cross-Site Project
  • How to Add/Edit a Meeting/Conference
  • How to Add/Edit an Online Guide
  • How to Add/Edit an Email List


Partner Reports


Data Inventory

More Online Guides: