SAVI Overview: How to Use the SAVI Website

Provides an overview on how to navigate a local data website in preparation for attending more-advanced data courses

by The Polis Center at IUPUI

Target Skill Level: Beginner
Audience: Nonprofit staff, government staff

This four-hour training is an introduction to the SAVI website, a local data website that provides data about Central Indiana communities, tools to analyze and visualize data, and training to build capacity for effective use.

This fast-paced overview of SAVI’s contents and tools describes the data available in SAVI (e.g., Census, crime, health, and education and how to use the tools in SAVI to find the data users need, including profiles, visualizations, and custom workspace. This module also explores SAVI’s potential uses, including examples of how SAVI is used by organizations in Central Indiana.

The Polis Center offers year-round training opportunities ranging from basic to advanced SAVI skills. This is Level 1 of the SAVI Certification program, which credentials participants for completing courses.

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Course Categories: Local Data Website