New Tool for Performance Management of Community Indicators Projects Private

University Center for Social and Urban Research   (Pittsburgh)

October 2015

In 2014, NNIP issued a guidebook, Monitoring Impact: Performance Management for Local Data Intermediaries, offering a conceptual framework for this work and suggesting a menu of applicable techniques.  Now, Jake Cowen and Bob Gradeck have developed a new tool that can directly support the implementation of the approach by NNIP Partners, specifically in performance management for their Community Indicators Projects.

The template includes three basic worksheets with accompanying guidance on how to populate them. 

  • Table 1 covers “Project Information” – a place to document the specifics about your project (name, geographic area covered, data included, targeted users and audiences, specific features, etc.)
  • Table 2 identifies the Partners’ selected “Performance Measures:” a matrix with columns identifying the “four stages of influence” explained in the guidebook (information reaches intended users, users interact with the information, users adopt a changed mindset, and users take action).  The matrix is populated by entering specific measures selected to monitor performance at each stage for each of the main groups of Community Indicators being tracked in the project.
  • Table 3 is the “Data Collection Plan,” where the manager groups the selected performance measures by data collection activity. 

The tool package also includes two completed example sets of tables (for Providence and Pittsburgh's Western Pennsylvania Regional Data Center and Southwestern Pennsylvania Community Indicators.